Working with Michelle

“I started being coached by Michelle Tascoe about three months ago and have experienced a noticeable financial lifestyle change. Before, I felt unorganized and stressed.
Caroline B

Now I feel relaxed and efficient when it comes to my financials and my income has increased since our coaching as well (I think because her coaching got me more focused on exact numbers and small details that make a difference). What I really like about our weekly coaching sessions is that Michelle is kind and fun to work with, she truly cares about making a difference in your life.

She notices when you are in a good mood or when you need lift in your spirit during the financial coaching session, you can tell that it is important to her that you enjoy learning and improving. I have already referred her services to a few of my closest family and friends and they have reported raving reviews.

I cannot imagine working with anyone else.”

~ Caroline Buhler | Marketing Coach | Los Angeles, CA

“I’m much stronger, smarter, and have become more complete with her support”

“Michelle has been a wonderful influence in my life for over the past 10 years. I knew her before she even started coaching, which why presently, it makes so much sense for her to successfully produce so many positive changes in people’s lives. Without her advice from over a decade ago, to pursue my dreams and do what makes me happy, I would never be living my dream as a successful chef_kevin_bw__557x640___557x640_Executive Chef in NYC. When I hit a rough spot last year, personally, financially, and professionally, somehow fate brought me back wanting Michelle’s advice. With her continual guidance to strengthen me and patience to listen to me, she helped me regain the person I used to be.

In fact, I’m much stronger, smarter, and have become more complete with her support. When things got really rough, she even had her husband give some insight with a different perspective, which helped me even more! She’s not only my coach, or just my friend, it’s very easy for me to say, that she’s been one of the most positive influences in my life.”

~ Kevin Chun | Executive Chef | NY